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Banner image of Crystal glassware we're proud to call our own

Crystal glassware we're proud to call our own

Unbeatable clarity? Check! Elegantly thin rims for sophisticated sipping? Check! A range of glassware shapes and silhouettes to suit various styles? Check! With all the glassware knowledge we've gathered over the years, we set out to create a range that ticks all our boxes — offering wine glasses, carafes, stackable tumblers and champagne flutes. Wait till you hear them *clink*.

Go-to glassware for every occasion

Durable, versatile, dishwasher safe! Go-to glassware for every occasion

Hosting an impromptu dinner? Having a cosy night in on your own? Throwing a big party for a big birthday? Our lead-free crystal glassware won't let you down. Durable enough for everyday use but elegant enough to elevate your tabletop — you'll love that this trusty range is dishwasher safe, to boot. From delicate stemware to stackable tumblers, stock up on your new favourites.

Need more gems for your tabletop?

Explore the rest of the Yuppiechef range — from eye-catching glazed ceramics to classic white porcelain serveware, we've got a whole host of beautiful tableware and kitchen essentials.

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