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Bright block prints & vibrant textures

India Ink is defined by lively colours, elaborate patterns, and the fusion of traditional artistry with contemporary design. Think one-of-a-kind, artisanal home decor that revitalises any living space, with tablecloths, duvet covers, pillow cases, napkins, bedding, rugs and more! Vibrant and inviting? We're in!

Did someone say *dinner party*? Perfectly imperfect

Passed down through generations, the timeless art of block printing involves dipping intricately hand-carved wooden blocks into natural plant dyes and stamping them on endless lengths of fabric. This process is repeated meticulously to create elaborate and symmetrical patterns. Give the outcome the pride of place it deserves — on your table!

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Textiles with a story Enchanted by India

India is an enchanting clutter of treasures, where every alleyway, pavement, and shop corner brims with a magical and colourful assortment of figurines, trinkets, spices and lanterns. From the fabled Pink City of Jaipur to the bustling markets of Bombay and the dazzling chaos of Delhi, India Ink’s inspired collection of exotic textiles are sure to infuse your living space with a delightful dash of uniqueness!

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