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Ice Cream Tools & Makers

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Whether you're craving classic vanilla, yearning for exotic sorbets, or dreaming up inventive gelato flavours, our ice cream tools and makers will help you to craft every kind of frozen delight. Get ready to scoop, swirl, and savour your way through a world of frozen bliss. Yum!

No need to fear these friendly monsters Refresh your day 🍦

Zoku's range of Ice Pop Moulds offer a playful spin on classic popsicles. These pops are a breeze to remove and feature a stick equipped with a built-in drip guard, ensuring a mess-free experience for you and your little ones while keeping your day refreshingly cool.

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Sippin' on sunshine and slushies, you?☀️ We're serious about slushies!

This high-performance, design driven Slush maker can make healthy slushies, milkshakes, frozen alcoholic drinks and fruit smoothies in as little as 7 minutes, right on your countertop. What are you waiting for?

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