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How our "Keep Aside" feature works

Can I ask Yuppiechef to keep an item aside for me in one of your stores?

Yes! We allow customers to request that an item which is in stock in a store be kept aside for them to view and buy for a limited time. You can submit your request on our website.

How do I submit a request to keep an item aside on your website?

  1. On any product page, press the “Find in store” button
  2. A window will open on the page
  3. You'll be guided through finding the item you want in the store you want, and we'll show you which items are available in that store
  4. If there is stock available*¹, you'll be able to request that it be set kept aside*² for you to come in to view and buy it
  • When we show an item as being in stock, this is because we're pretty sure it's in the store. But we recommend requesting it be kept aside and waiting for a confirmation email before coming in to buy it.
  • This option requires a Yuppiechef account and that you're logged in.

What happens once I've asked for an item to be kept aside for me?

  1. The relevant store is notified of your request
  2. They then set the item aside for you
  3. Once they've done this, you'll be notified by email that the item is waiting for you in the store (please wait until you've received a confirmation email before coming in; the item will only be ready then)
  4. When you come into the store, simply show the QR code on the email to any of our store assistants and they'll be able to help you
  5. We keep items aside for 3 days. If you're unable to make it to the store before then, we place them back on our shelves and make them available for other customers to purchase and can't guarantee they'll still be there when you come in.

What if the price changes between when I reserve the item, and when I pay for it?

  • Items kept aside in a store will be charged at the relevant price on the day of purchase, i.e. when you go to the store for the payment and collection.
  • There is a chance that pricing may coincidentally change between the dates of reserving and paying, particularly if you're reserving an item with promotional pricing.
  • If you're reserving an item with promotional pricing, consider adding it to your cart instead and checking out (i.e. paying) now, to make sure you secure the current offer before it expires. You can use our Click and Collect service if you'd like to fetch the product from one of our stores, rather than have it delivered.


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