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Purchasing Courses

How do I purchase Cooking School courses?

Go here or click on the Cooking School tab at the top left hand corner of the site. Navigate to "Available Courses" in the toolbar and choose the course you are interested in. Click "Add to cart" and proceed to checkout from there. Enter your contact details on the next page and select your method of payment. Once we have processed your payment your course will be available for viewing.

What is your course pricing?

Course prices vary according to each course. Some courses are free, and therefore carry no cost.

See latest Plans & Pricing.

How do I buy a Cooking School course as a gift?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

  • Step 1. Visit the "Plans and Pricing" page and select the plan which you are looking for. 
  • Step 2. Next select the cooking course and then click the 'Buy it as a gift' button. 
  • Step 3. Add the details of the recipient and a gift message on the gift configuration page.
  • Step 4. Add to cart and continue to check out.

Still a bit stumped? Send us an email or call 0861 702 4969.

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