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Fieldbar ‐ Cooler boxes designed & handcrafted locally in Cape Town

Locally designed and made individually by hand, Fieldbar's stylish cooler boxes will keep all your favourite drinks icy-cold and make you look cool while doing it. Available in timeless colours, you'll love their leather carry handles, beautiful metallic accents and ample storage — perfect for picnics, beach days or just lounging by the pool. And boasting the ability to keep champagne below 10°C for 50 hours and a 5-year warranty, they're made to last.

About the Fieldbar Drinks Box

There are 58 parts in a Fieldbar Drinks Box, all designed to be removed, repaired, and replaced if required. Fieldbar calls this sustainable design, and it means your Drinks Box can last forever. That’s good for you, and the planet we live on. What's more, weighing in at only 1.8kg, the Drinks Box is light, but can withstand a weight of 120kg. What's not to love?

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Built to last. Built for good. Drinks Box specs

  1. Genuine off-cut double-sided leather handle for extra carry comfort
  2. Reflective paint to reduce heat absorption
  3. High performance removable and zero ozone-depleting foam insulation
  4. Patent-pending lid lock
  5. Water- and airtight gasket
  6. Food-grade, BPA-free, easy-to-clean interior cabinet
  7. Aluminium hidden hinges-designed to last forever
  8. Aluminium handle "ears"
  9. Impact-resistant and scratch-proof outer cabinet
  10. Pre-numbered brass plaque for quality control and tracking
  11. Silicone non-slip feet
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