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Birkmann ‐ Anyone can bake! And it's easy with Birkmann.

Made in Germany, Birkmann offers a range of award-winning bakeware for home bakers and professional bakers alike. Whether you're a beginner trying to bake your first sugar cookies or a seasoned home cook preparing an artfully decorated gateaux, baking should be fun. And with Birkmann's quality bakeware, you've got this.

Birkmann proving baskets

About Birkmann bakeware

From high-sided springform pans and simple muffin trays, to stainless steel dough cards and proving baskets, Birkmann's bakeware is thoughtfully designed and engineered — winning them the German Design Award in 2017. And their cookie cutter characters are particularly cute too.

Birkmann cookie cutters

You'll love Birkmann's cookie cutters

Birkmann's high quality cookie cutters are the perfect addition to your baking collection and a great asset to any celebration. You'll love their cute animal and character shapes, and holiday and celebration motifs. There's a cookie for every occasion, big and small, and Birkmann has a cookie cutter for each.

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