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All things bright & beautifulfor your tabletop

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Where bold and lively meets coastal chic. It's the season where endless evenings reign supreme, surrounded by your loved ones and loud laughter. Discover a carefully curated assortment that effortlessly combines style and laid-back enjoyment. Al fresco dining, anyone?

All things bright & beautiful 🎶

Why we 💙 the Gluggle Jug Talk about a centrepiece!

Charming and distinctive, the multifunctional Gluggle Jug is known for its unique 'glugging' sound when pouring. It's versatile too — and can serve as a decorative vase, a stylish wine carafe, a convenient utensil holder, or a captivating dining table centrepiece for any event. Crafted with precision, this ceramic jug is meticulously hand-cast, hand-dipped, and hand-finished by a team of skilled artisans.

Give it a glug!

Prints, textures, colours! The more the merrier

For this year's festive table, we've leaned into layering textures, exciting colours, interesting shapes and playful patterns and prints to create a shiny, happy table your guests won't forget. Just look how joyful these stripes, jute placemats, glossy glazes, fringed napkins and eye-catching vessels are all together!? The stage is set for your special celebrations ✨.

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