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Freshly rolled and cut spaghetti smothered in a simple tomato sauce with a dusting of grated parmesan. Plump pockets of ravioli in a buttery sage sauce. Luscious lasagne sheets enveloped in cheese and baked to bubbling. Pasta done right is a revelation, perfect for a casual weeknight supper or jazzed up for your next dinner party. From pasta machines, to tools and accessories, we've got everything you need to create a classic Italian dish at home.

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 No time to roll?  No worries

No time to roll? No worries

For those days when the carbonara craving is real but you aren't able to make fresh pasta from scratch, our range of ready made dry pasta is a winner. Our selection comes in all shapes and sizes, and each pasta type is made from quality ingredients.

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 When in doubt,  use double zero

Our favourite flourWhen in doubt, use double zero

If you want to roll out silky smooth pasta sheets that are light, soft and cook quickly, we recommend using our finest 00 flour. The results will take your Italian dinner from good to grande.

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