Craft Beer Tasting Notes

This Month's Mixed Case - July - Oh we're half way there...

Oh oh... living for the beer!

First up we’ve got a country classic from Red Rock with their Rusty Trigger Lager. From there we hit the reinvented single hop Citra Cape Doctor from Atlantic Storm. Joining the Doc on the frontline of reinvention is the bottled edition of Cape Brewing Company’s Pale Ale. We think this version is hoppier than the cans, so be sure to tell us what you think on our social channels. That does it for our local line so let’s jump into international waters. First up is a Mikkeller debut that proves with every sip why they’re one of the best in the world. From there we swing tankards and sing Belgian songs that we don’t really know the lyrics to with an Urthel gnome. Then finally to end off in style we say Yell’Oh to one of the most interesting fruit beers of the year from Liefmans.

Redrock Brewing Co Rusty Trigger Lager

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Inspired by Willie Nelson and, more specifically, his favourite Martin N-20 guitar (that he nicknamed Trigger), Rusty Trigger Lager delivers a taste as unique as Willie himself. Much in the same way that Willie blended country music, folk and jazz into his songs, Redrock has created a truly unique blend through mixing late Oregon hops with Crystal and Munich malts to create top flavour notes.

  • Crisp and clean light lager
  • Light straw gold in colour
  • Munich malt imparts a rich malty, slightly nutty flavour to the beer
  • Cara malt imparts slight caramel sweetness
  • Southern Passion bittering hop imparts a slight granadilla flavour that is supported by the citrus notes from the imported Simcoe Hop from Oregon, USA
  • This beer is mildly bitter, to balance the maltiness 
  • Cold filtration for fuller flavour

Atlantic Storm Beer Cape Doctor Pale Ale

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Cape Doctor is Atlantic Storm's flagship beer; an American Pale Ale that is crisp, refreshing and easy drinking. Citrus, litchi bitterness and enticing aroma of imported Citra Hops makes this beer a real crowd pleaser. The perfect accompaniment to meat, cheese dishes and any braai.

  • Single hopped American Pale Ale
  • Citrus and litchi notes
  • Citra Hops aroma

Mikkeller Peter, Pale and Mary Pale Ale

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Mikkeller is a microbrewery founded in 2006 in Copenhagen that does not operate an official brewery and, instead, collaborates with other brewers to produce their recipes or experimental once-off brews.

  • A fruity, balanced American pale ale
  • Light amber in colour
  • Aromas of tropical fruit to balance out the malt and hops
  • Big grapefruit and hop flavours
  • A perfectly balanced beer

Urthel Saisonnière

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A unique combination of Saison and white beer, the Saisonnière is a sparkling golden, slightly cloudy and very refreshing thirst-quencher with a strong 6% zing. With fruity flavours and a slight bite, this is a beer to be savoured.

  • Light golden in colour
  • Foamy white head
  • Flavour is fruity with a slight bite and fine carbonation

Liefmans Yell'oh Apero Beer

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Yell’oh is a refreshing apero beer that’s a little out of the box, but full to the brim with extra fruity bite. An exotic mix of lime, apple, elderflower, basil and pineapple, this beer comes in a stylish, playful bottle, but is best served on the rocks.

  • Fruity apero beer
  • Yellow colour
  • White head
  • Citrus herb aroma
  • Best served on the rocks