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This Month's Mixed Case - Fe-brew-ry - The Month of Beer Love

Do you remember your first crush? That swirl of butterflies in your tummy. The cold sweat on the back of your neck as you made your first move. The thrill as you popped the top and the hop aromas came wafting out. Yes, we’re talking about beer, just in case you were wondering. Craft beer has the ability make people go weak at the knees and send hearts soaring, and what better month to celebrate that feeling than the month of love!

To show love for our fans this Valentine’s, we’ve put together a Cupid-approved mixed case. It’s perfect for this crazy hot weather we’re having, and if you live in Cape Town, then you should already be living the save water, drink beer law. Speaking of saving water, we’ve got Drifter’s very clever new Water Restriction Gose, which is made with sea water. We’ve also got a 7th beer Swedish Valentine’s surprise from Cape Brewing Company and their partner brewer, Åbro. The rest of the line up features RedRock and Mad Giant, as well as two new beers with Darling’s grapefruit pale ale, and a lager from new hop on the block, Hermanus Microbrewery.

Hemel en Aarde Brewery Hermanus Lager

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This lager is made from imported European speciality malts and selected base malts and is crisp, clean, and quaffable with light botanical notes. 

  • Lager
  • Colour: clear golden
  • Aroma: bready malt with a subtle floral hop nose
  • Flavour: malt sweetness with a touch of biscuit followed by spicy hop bitterness
  • Mouthfeel: medium bodied with sold carbonation
  • Hops: XJA2 and Strisselspalt French aroma hops

Redrock Brewing Co Bad Moon Crystal Weiss

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Bad Moon releases classic malted wheat flavour notes while the addition of other imported malts gives an even deeper complexity which has to be experienced, first hand.

  • Pouring with the traditional white head, an aroma of the unique Amarillo hops from the US can be savoured in what is truly a world-class Weiss beer
  • A clear, easy to drink Weiss beer is expertly brewed to be enjoyed by many different palates, on any occasion
  • Cold filtered for fuller flavour

Cape Brewing Company Pale Ale Can

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This pale ale brew is CBC's first craft beer in an aluminium can. Beyond its ability to preserve the beer’s quality, the brewers discovered that the cans are lighter, which makes them more portable. The technology behind it also allows the beer to chill a lot faster.

  • Light amber in colour
  • Slight malty nose
  • Fruity, lemony with a touch of granadilla on the palate
  • Cans are made from 90% recycled material

Mad Giant Brewing Killer Hop Pale Ale

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Mad Giant have cranked up the flavour by adding 3 types of aromatic hops in hedonistic quantities for this brew. With a light malt bouquet brought in for backing, you can expect gentle waves of light honey, biscuit and caramel from the special malts, with an explosion of tropical fruits for reworks. The Killer Hop is brewed with Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops.

  • A hoppy pale ale
  • 3 types of hops added to the brew
  • Medium bitterness
  • Honey, biscuit and caramel notes 

Darling Brew Pearl Rose Grapefruit Infused Pale Ale

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This pale ale is a collaborative brew with Riot Beer, and is a unique, easy to drink pale ale with fresh grapefruit and hop aromas and flavour.

  • Pale ale with grapefruit extract 
  • Pale straw to light gold colour
  • Light body, with minimal sweetness
  • Medium to low bitterness
  • Subtle grapefruit flavour especially in the aftertaste with citrus hop flavour
  • Predominantly citrus hop aromas, with a pine/resin background
  • A subtle grapefruit aroma and light malt aromas

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