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This Month's Mixed Case - April - Foolishly great beers

Guys and girls… Big news: League of Beers is closing. This will be our final mixed case. It’s been an absolute blast all these years but- aaah who are we kidding? April Fools! Yes we know it’s not the 1st of April but hey, we couldn’t resist. It’s the month of fools, bunnies and good beers and we’ve got an epic lineup for you. Let’s hop to it (yes that was a double-barrelled beer hop and bunny hop reference, you’re welcome).

If you’re new to our family then join us online @TastingLeague on all social media platforms. Every month we have a diehard collection of fans who share pics of beers, thoughts and reviews. There are always League of Beers vouchers up for grabs so keep your eyes open. Until next month, cheers and here’s to great beers!

Fierce Beer Easy Shift Pale Ale

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At Fierce, they like strong, bold 'in your face' flavours, so a range of beers were developed that delivers on that promise. To get maximum flavour in each beer, only natural ingredients were used. Ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible.

  • This light and easy drinking pale ale is something that can be enjoyed at any time of the day
  • Citrus flavours and a light hoppy character mean that refreshment is guaranteed

Redrock Brewing Co Painted Black Dark Lager

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"Black as night. Black as coal." Seen as the anthem to the sixties counterculture, the iconic hit was the inspiration behind Redrock's very first dark lager.

  • Dark black lager
  • Smooth and purposely bold 
  • Malt flavour on the palate
  • Delicate beechwood smoke notes on the nose, delivers a burst of initial flavour, followed by an exceptionally smooth finish

Poison City Brewing The Punk Rocker English Pale Ale

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The Punk Rocker is an anti-establishment, English pale ale that goes against the norm. It is inspired by the British Punk culture and Punk music, but is Durban born and brewed. The colour was originally set to be navy and copper but was later changed to be more identifiable and easier to distinguish from the other beers in the range.

  • Full-mouthed and light bodied
  • English pale ale
  • Light golden in colour
  • Frothy, white head

Mixed Case Tasting Notes:

@TastingLeague: @PoisonCityBrew Appearance: Deep copper red. Aroma: Rich toasted malt with hints of caramel and dark fruit. Flavour: Bold and spicy flavours up front with a subtle bitter sweet roasted finish. Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with low carbonation. Overall: Punk Rocker is all about layers of malt flavour and it’s delicious. We can’t wait to see what the boys from Durbs do next. Where to drink: A pub by the sea.

The Franschhoek Beer Co Liberty American Pale Ale

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Handcrafted beer made with the purest Franschhoek mountain spring water and the best quality imported hops and malt, ensuring superior quality beer.

  • Lightly coloured, clear pale ale
  • Slight floral aroma
  • Late kettle addition of American hop varieties results in an intensely hoppy pale ale
  • Strong peach, apricot and lychee aromas, followed by citrus and passion fruit
  • Light bodied with medium high carbonation and strong hop, resulting in a refreshing, light, easy drinking beer

Little Wolf Brewery Hoppy Wheat

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This American take on a wheat ale is brewed using heaps of mosaic hops and it's fermented with a neutral yeast. The mild bitterness and gentle malt character take a back seat to the tangerine, papaya and gooseberry aromas, from this new-world hop.

  • American wheat ale
  • Thick, foamy head
  • Fruity and refreshing 

Stewart Brewery First World Problems Indian Pale Ale

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First World Probems pours deep straw in colour with a huge off-white head and lots of lacing. The nose is an intriguing blend of new world hops and fruity/phenolic yeast esters from its unique blend yeast strain.

  • Indian pale ale
  • The taste is medium to light bodied with an assertive bitterness
  • Hops dominate but fruit from the yeast can be picked up and the malt backbone is interesting with the addition of malted rye

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