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This Month's Mixed Case - December - A Toast To The Festive Season

We’d like to take a break from our regular programming to bring you this important message:

The holiday season is upon us and in the spirit of giving, we’d like to give you some great advice. December shopping can be a pain and if you’re guy, you’ve inevitably left it to the last possible second. That usually means a last-minute dash to your nearest mall which is going to packed with frantic shoppers and droves the ever-annoying Slow Mall Walkers of South Africa club members.

And just like that 2019 has come to end! Happy holidays from all of us at League of Beers! It’s been an absolutely cracking year and it’s all thanks to you and your continued support. We can’t wait to see what next year holds, and we can’t wait to show you the epic selection of beers that we have lined up. Until next year, cheers!

Madora Brown Ale, 330ml

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Named for the isiShona word for Mopane worms, this proudly South African beer is brewed using indigenous insects to produce a deliciously nutty flavour. Brewed in collaboration with Gourmet Grubb, who are leading the 'crawl' of integrating insects into the everyday Western diet as a sustainable, nutritious, and affordable choice.

  • A slight sour note on the nose moves toa smooth, silky brown ale malt
  • Some slight caramel, followed by a pronounced nuttiness brought about by the bugs a distinctive, unique flavour
  • Appearance: Rusty amber
  • Aroma: Spicy and malty with a woody note
  • Flavour: Caramel malt and spice with an earthy yet tart finish 
  • Mouthfeel: Smooth and medium-bodied 

St Francis Brewing Co Wild Side Session IPA

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St Francis Brewing Co is about family, friends and great beer. Set in the heart of the village of St Francis Bay, their brewery was first established in 2012 after a long surf trip up the West Coast of the United States. Their beers are inspired by the sun, the surf, and the community of people who make St Francis Bay such a special place.

  • Wildside IPA
  • A true US Rockies IPA
  • Enticing aroma with flavours of grapefruit bitterness

Stellenbosch Brewing Co Khoi Lager, 330ml

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For many years the Khoi-San people have foraged for nature's ingredients to enjoy and to treat illness and ailments. Stellenbosch Brewing Co has worked with @khoikulcha to create a recipe which is inspired by and honours the heritage of our country its people and traditions

  • Light lager style beer
  • Infused with Strandveld fynbos honey, buchu and wildflowers 
  • Appearance: Light gold
  • Aroma: Toasted malt, honey and herbal spiciness
  • Flavour: A bready malt backbone supporting a bittersweet body with layers of herbal character
  • Mouthfeel: Light, refreshing and medium to light in body

Cape Brewing Company Lite Lager, 340ml

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A Lite lager that is full of flavour, taste and character. Authentic and true to the CBC quality standards and pure brewing tradition. Brewed with uncompromising care and passion for real and tasty beers.

  • Appearance: Clear sunshine yellow
  • Aroma: Lightly toasted malt and cereal grains with a touch of grassy hops
  • Flavour: A perfect balance of toasted malt and floral hop flavours
  • Mouthfeel: Light and crisp 

Darling Brew Bone Crusher Cherry, 330ml

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Puckered beauty, based on the Belgian a fruited beer style known as kriek or Cherry. This kriek-style wit beer is fermented with real sour cherry juice. Aromas of tart cherry and cloves mingled with sweet bubblegum. This refeshing, fruity wit beer is perfect as a seasonal Summer entertainer.

  • Appearance: Blush amber
  • Aroma: Chunky cherry and spice notes
  • Flavour: Layers of spice and cherry with a tart, refreshing finish
  • Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied and dry with solid carbonation 

Spilhaus Brewery Christmas Lager, 330ml

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Spilhaus Brewery is a passion project, which started on Spilhaus Avenue in Cape Town. They are a boutique contract brewery who focus on producing the most premium beer product in the country, ensuring they deliver an experience rather than just a product to customers.

This Christmas edition beers make the ideal Christmas present or festive season drink. Something that is thoughtful, personal, festive, amazingly scrumptious and painfully easy to get. These custom labelled festive craft beers are filled with Spilhaus Breweries award-winning Märzen Lager.

  • The reddish copper appearance suggests a toasted malty flavour, with bready toffee notes coming through 
  • It is slightly sweet, but well balanced by a restrained bitterness
  • Awards: Gold (first overall) – POWWOW Craft Beer Competition 2018 and Gold medal – SA National Beer Championship 2018

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