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A great glass will change the way you feel about serving drinks and make you look good while doing it. From beer, cocktail, Champagne, wine and gin glasses to wine and whisky decanters, pitchers, highballs and tumblers​, we've sourced, tried and tested the finest quality glassware we can find.

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We've taken the guesswork out of finding the right glass for your needs.

Leading Glassware Brands

Crystal glassware we're proud to call our own

Yuppiechef Glassware — Crystal glassware we're proud to call our own

Brilliant glassware can take a table from good to great and our range of lead-free crystal glasses ticks all the boxes. Unbeatable clarity? You bet. Shapes and silhouettes to suit every happy home? Uh-huh. Durable quality that doesn't compromise on sophistication? Oh hi, thin rims! We love you. Wait till you hear them *clink*.

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When opening a bottle of your favourite red, aerating the wine adds extra dimension and enriches the taste. Check out our range of handy wine tools and aerators that make it simpler for you.

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Elevate your sip! — Riedel's precision-crafted glassware

Riedel’s glassware stands out with its exceptional design finesse, meticulously crafted to enhance the unique flavours of your favourite beverages. Whether savouring wine, champagne, or indulging in a crafted cocktail, elevate your taste with Riedel, where their dedication to precision and passion shines through with every pour.

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