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Duralex - Tempered glass tableware since 1945

Designed and manufactured in France, the Duralex range of products is one that sparks off memories of happy times, and is synonymous with toughness, design and everyday practicality. Creators of the iconic 'Picardie' glass, Duralex now offers a full range of drink and tableware.

Duralex Tempered Glass Technology

Duralex products have an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 180 reviews.

97% of customers would recommend this brand to a friend.

The Duralex Range

What is Tempered Glass Technology?

  • Glass that has been heated to around 700°C is suddenly cooled by cold air ventilation
  • This treatment creates controlled stress in the glass which improves most of its physical specifications: resistance to mechanical stress (bending, impacts) and thermal shock
  • A tempered glass product is about 2.5 times more resistant than an annealed product of the same thickness and resists a thermal shock of 130°C whereas annealed glass breaks above 40°C
  • Tempered glass, if broken, shatters into many small non-cutting pieces

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