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The smell of a fresh, warm loaf, steaming on a breadboard? Easy. Whether you're looking to proof your first sourdough or finally bake that rye, our range of bread baking tools and ingredients offers everything you need to whip up fresh loaves at home.

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Proving baskets

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Bread machines

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Casseroles for sourdough

Bread bins

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The tool you never knew you needed... A traditional Danish dough whisk

A traditional Danish dough whisk is great for mixing together your ingredients before kneading. It helps break up the lumps and gets the water, flour and any sourdough starter mixed up perfectly without overworking the dough.

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Want that fancy crust you've seen in artisan bakeries?

You need a lame. Also known as a dough scoring blade, lames are ideal for making fast, clean slashes on the dough before it's baked — giving your bread an improved crust.

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Yuppiechef recommends 100 Great Breads by Paul Hollywood

Discover the nostalgic smell of milk loaf and rye bread, learn how to master baguettes and croissants, and try your hand at some inspiring bakes from this great hardcover bread-making recipe book from renowned TV chef, Paul Hollywood.

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